Geological Survey of Canada – Hakai Institute Workshop

Location1010 Langley St., 3rd floor, Victoria BC

A one-day workshop with the objective of exploring knowledge-sharing, identifying opportunities for collaboration.


10:00-10:30 Introductions

  • Welcome, land acknowledgement, and scene setting 
  • Hakai Institute Overview 
  • GSC Overview 

10:30-11:45 Glaciology, geohazards and coastal process research priorities for BC 

  1. Hakai - Overview of related research and priorities (review of airborne coastal observatory, geohazard and glaciology studies, evolving role as Regional Collaborative Centre for the Ocean Decade) 
  2. GSC - Overview of sudden onset alpine geohazards and coastal geoscience activities 
  3. Joint discussion on shared interests (i.e. possible collaboration on monitoring studies, data sharing and possible improvement of rapid response capabilities to study future hazard events) 

11:45-12:15 Indigenous relationships 

  1. GSC -SINEWS (Sistering Indigenous and Western Science program in NRCan) 
  2. Hakai – Overview of work with coastal indigenous groups and shared leadership vision for the future 
  3. Discussion on potential shared directions or interests 

12:15- 13:15 Lunch (in house) 

13:15-14:15 Arctic permafrost and coastal research platforms 

  1. Research priorities related to warming coastal permafrost in western Arctic (GSC and S. Tank U of A) 
  2. Progress in quest to integrate terrestrial and marine data sets and review of technology challenges assessing shallow coastal settings and lakes (Hakai/GSC) 
  3. Joint discussion to review the key research groups and activities in the Arctic and to consider possible future role/activities suited to Hakai Inst. 

14:15-16:00 Open discussion

  • Review science priorities and establish consensus on most desirable areas for collaboration
  • Strategies for research partnerships, funding applications etc. 
  • Wrap up and summary of next steps to enable collaboration