Planning, Producing, Acting.


Our meetings

Since we opened in 2018 we have convened a variety of meetings, across our three British Columbia locations, including scientific forums with government, university and technical experts; First Nations training; and in-house discussions.

We encourage open dialogue and exchange of ideas across the disciplines. The bucolic nature and isolation of our Quadra Island and Calvert Island locations ensure uninterrupted peace and focus. Our Victoria, BC location allows for more open participation.

We encourage multiple meetings on a major topic. For example, we would typically host three, three-day meetings staged six to eight months apart. This structure, which extends work on the topic to a year or so, leads naturally to tangible deliverables, where a single meeting may not. We call such clusters of meeting "triptychs".

How we do things

Meetings are initiated by the Quadra Centre, by our affiliates and through discussion with other agencies. They are organized by an appointed expert with support and guidance from the Quadra Centre.


Ideas that stem from our past and present work include:

  • Study of the land versus study of the ocean: where is the separation?
  • Science versus traditional and local knowledge.
  • Study of the present (ecology) versus study of the past (archaeology).
  • Local versus regional studies; ancient occupation sites versus urban development; long-term studies versus urgent action; basic science versus policy; evidence-based publication versus evocative story-telling.

Meetings Summaries & Reports