Climate Change in Bute Inlet

Homalco Climate Change Webinar Series

Outline for a dialogue series on climate change in Bute Inlet and traditional Homalco Territory

Overview: Starting November 2021 Homalco (Xwémalhkwu) First Nation will hold monthly dialogue sessions on a pertinent climate change related topic. These sessions will be led by a specialist speaker and may incorporate audio / video recordings of Homalco Elders sharing historical knowledge of their territory. 

The drive of these sessions is to bring climate change knowledge forward for the purpose of community adaptation planning.

The dialogue series will draw on both Indigenous knowledge and western science sources. The primary goal is to engage Homalco Knowledge Keepers and Leaders in discussion with each presenter to centre and focus on community priorities and perspectives. 

All presentations will be pre-recorded for easy distribution to off-reserve community members. Presenters may also be invited to an on-reserve community meeting.

The devastating landslide at Elliot Creek in November 2020, forced the realization that knowledge of local climate change impacts and adaptation is urgently needed, and has prompted this series.

Participants: The primary participation will be Homalco First Nation community including leadership, staff, youth, schools and Elders. Hakai Institute staff and affiliates will be participating by invitation.

Schedule: The list of topics has been drawn up to reflect the priorities of the Homalco First Nation leadership.

Climate Change Webinars