Quadra Island

Quadra Centre Facilities

Quadra Island lies between Vancouver Island and the mainland coast of British Columbia. It is a ten-minute ferry ride from Campbell River. Meeting rooms and accommodations are available for up to 25 people on the thirty-acres of forested, ocean front property. The Quadra Centre Meeting House is adjacent to the Hakai Institute Coastal Observatory with interlinking trails to accommodation and laboratories.

Quadra Island Campus

Arrival: When on the ferry from Campbell River to Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island, please email contact@QuadraCentre.org to update us on your arrival time whether being picked up at Quathiaski Cove ferry terminal or coming independently.


All vehicles are to be parked at 1725 Hyacinthe Bay Road by the Fir House. There is no vehicle access to the Bluff House or parking at the Cove House accommodation.


Arrival time is 5pm or as arranged for your group. Please let us know if you are delayed. Your group will receive a 10-minute orientation on arrival. We will direct you to your assigned accommodation at the Fir House or Bluff House, 1725 Hyacinthe Bay Road: Cove House 1717 Hyacinthe Bay Road.

Map of Quadra Island Facilities


Fir House and Bluff House

You have been assigned a room in either house. Please check in on the board in the foyer of Fir House or in the lounge of the Bluff House, depending on your room location. All rooms are single occupancy. Both houses have two bathrooms and laundry facilities. There is a dinette in the Fir House. The main kitchen/dining and common area is in the Bluff House and for use of all visitors at 1725.

Cove House and Dormitory

Park at 1725 Hyacinthe Road and walk on the marked trail to the Cove House and Bunkhouse. You have been assigned a room so please check the location on the board in the Cove House kitchen. All rooms are single occupancy. Both facilities have two bathrooms. Laundry facilities are in the Cove House. The kitchen/dining/common area is in the Bluff House and for the use of all visitors at 1717.

Meals & Coffee Breaks

Breakfast supplies and snacks are available in the Bluff House and Cove House for your convenience.

Lunch and coffee breaks are provided in the Quadra Centre Meeting House during meetings at 1747 Hyacinthe Bay Road, the property adjacent to your accommodation. (See Map of Quadra Island Facilities). 

Bag lunches are available on request.

Catered dinners will be provided in the Bluff House or Cove House for all attendees.

We can cater to regular/vegetarian diets and limited gluten-free or lactose intolerant options. For more specialized diets, we advise you to bring suitable food with you. 


Our Quadra Centre site has good internet coverage but very limited cell phone connection. We have landlines in each building for emergency purposes.


We are in a Douglas fir coastal forest overlooking the north end of the Strait of Georgia and Coast Mountains, with some access to the ocean from the Quadra Centre and Hakai Institute. We have trails linking the Hakai Institute. There are community hiking trails, and kayaking outfits nearby. Rebecca Spit is a 10 minute car ride away.


There are cougars, black bears and wolves on the island so particular care must be taken when hiking trails alone.

Emergency Information

  • 911 for Ambulance/Fire/Police

Other contact numbers are posted in each building. (See Map of Quadra Island Facilities).