Quadra Island

Quadra Centre Facilities

Quadra Island lies between Vancouver Island and the mainland coast of British Columbia. It is a ten-minute ferry ride from Campbell River. Typical of the coastal Islands of the Salish Sea, Quadra Island is largely rural, with a permanent population of approximately 3000, but attracts many visitors through the summer for its beauty, quiet and recreational opportunities.The Island is also served by many local businesses, restaurants and places to stay, however, there is no local transport so this should be taken into consideration as part of your planning. 

At the Quadra Centre, we have accommodations available for up to 25 people on the thirty acres of forested, oceanfront property. The Quadra Centre Meeting House is contiguous with the Hakai Institute Coastal Observatory with interlinking trails through mature Douglas firs to the accommodation, laboratories and beaches. 

This is an active work site, including accommodation areas, so please take note of our policies for an enjoyable stay. Please read our Visitor Guide for full information. 

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Meeting House

The Meeting House provides seminar rooms and work areas for up to 30 people in a quiet forested setting on Quadra Island bluffs along the eastern shoreline with views to the snowy Coast Mountains and north Salish Sea. It allows for in person meetings, workshops and for zoom meetings without distractions. We have the technology to support the many ways of connecting with good internet and cell phone coverage. There are also kitchen and dining facilities for full meeting support.


While we cannot make arrangements for your recreational activities, however there are many walking and mountain biking trails on Quadra Island if you wish to explore. The Quadra Trail map is available in each building or online. There are several services on the island offering kayak rentals and tours, as well as bike rentals. These would have to be pre-arranged by you or your group separately. 

For those who want to take more time on Quadra Island to explore this beautiful, diverse island and community, we suggest you book Airbnb or other accommodation well ahead of your intended visit to the Quadra Centre.


Being a large Island with a low population, we also share our trails and properties with the local wildlife. The deer population is abundant so care must be taken when driving on our roads. When hiking, mountain biking or using the popular parks and trails, always be aware that a cougar may be around. Take notice of any warning signs. We also have black bears and wolves that are rarely seen.