Kelp early life history & restoration (Working Group 4)

Feb 27 - May 21, 2024, BC-WA Kelp Node


  • discuss, compare & share kelp genetic methodologies (e.g., pop gen, eDNA, genetic diversity)

  • discuss, compare & share kelp cultivation and early life history methodologies

  • improve regional contributions to kelp genetic data repositories

  • share & synthesize emerging research on the genetic structure of kelp populations in BC/WA

  • synthesize modeling and field data to inform connectivity and dispersal underlying kelp populations and associated communities

  • identify barriers to scalable kelp restoration in transboundary waters by working with regulators and policy-makers¬†

  • review and produce open-source documentation of kelp restoration methods/techniques to guide regional work, including design/install/maintenance of compensatory mitigation and restoration sites and project success/compliance metrics

  • identify regions/sites for priority restoration actions, including compensatory mitigation and a mitigation bank for when in-situ mitigation is not viable

  • consider planning, R&D,and funding or collaborative restoration across priority sites, including scaling-up restoration efforts using best available knowledge

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