Subtidal kelp & kelp ecosystem services (Working Group 2)

Dec 13 - Feb 20, 2024, BC-WA Kelp Node


  • find regional consensus on subtidal kelp EOVs based on international (e.g., GOOS) standards
  • share, compare & standardize subtidal monitoring methodologies
  • share & standardize subtidal kelp indicators between WA and BC
  • plan & coordinate sentinel sites for subtidal kelp monitoring (link w canopy kelp monitoring)
  • improve organization and access to subtidal kelp data and metadata
  • 'crowdsource' a kelp carbon cycle to quantify kelp carbon drawdown, remineralization and storage
  • quantify functional role of kelp to associated/dependent species (e.g., forage fish/rockfish/salmon/killer whales) and other functions (e.g., storm protection)
  • quantify value of kelp ecosystem services (monetary/non-monetary)
  • chart out entry points/operationalizing ecosystem services in kelp management
  • chart out entry points/operationalizing kelp ecosystem services in ecosystem-based management (fisheries, land-based management, coastal zone management, endangered species habitat conservation; climate change mitigation)
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