OA Lab Exchange Workshop

Jul 11 - Jul 13, 2023, Hakai/DFO/NOAA

This meeting is the first of three workshops in a partnership between Hakai, DFO, and NOAA, focused on building capacity in experimental OA research. The goal of the workshop is to exchange knowledge and technical information for improved experimental design and execution at all three institutions. The workshop will include a tour of the Quadra facilities, focusing on the Wet Lab, and an overview of past and current OA research at Hakai for the benefit of NOAA and DFO visitors. There will also be presentations by NOAA and DFO researchers that will be open to all Hakai staff. Other goals of the workshop are to: Develop coordinated protocols and SOPs to enhance inter-comparison of environmental and biological results across laboratories. Establish a forum for development of future coordinated research projects, as well a strengthening of existing partnerships. Provide a platform to exchange lessons learned in establishing and maintaining community-science led biological observing networks and leveraging those for targeted OA and multi-stressor experimental projects. Anticipating 14 attendees in person, and 6 remote. Some attendees are Hakai staff (5), and will not require accommodation.