Marine Education and Research Society Workshop

Nov 18 - Nov 20, 2022, Marine Education and Research Society (MERS)

The Marine Education and Research Society (MERS) is a Canadian charity incorporated in 2010 to promote conservation and understanding of marine ecosystems through scientific research, environmental education, and marine wildlife response. We are based on northern Vancouver Island, in the Territory of the Kwakwaka'wakw-speaking people. 

Our research efforts focus primarily on cetaceans in BC and understanding the anthropogenic impacts on these populations for the purpose of mitigating threats. More recently, our research has also branched into citizen science projects around fish species (ie Mola spp and Lingcod). Our research directly inputs into comprehensive educational efforts to reduce threats to marine species. This includes public outreach, training for marine professionals, educational campaigns and engaging with the media.

This meeting will bring the board and senior leadership of the organization together in person for the first time in nearly 4 years to strategize for the future of the organization.

Broadly, the objectives of this meeting are: 

  1. The board will feel empowered to support the work of MERS in a meaningful way.

  2. The board and senior staff will create a strong, cohesive team that works effectively together with well-defined roles.

  3. The board and senior staff feel that they have a clear picture of where MERS is currently.

  4. The board and senior staff are aligned on the strategic direction of MERS (short and long term) and have set clear, measurable objectives to reach these goals.  

  5. The board and senior staff will identify and create strategies to address knowledge gaps and deficiencies, to strengthen the organization 

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