MaPP Kelp Monitoring Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Jun 26 - Jun 28, 2023, MaPP/Hakai

The Marine Plan Partnership (MaPP) Partners (17 First Nations and the Province of B.C.) are focused on answering a set of key questions to guide community-based kelp monitoring activities by Guardians in Partner Nations. By answering these questions, the MaPP Partners will inform spatial management of coastal areas, including support for and progress with implementation of MaPP marine plans and Marine Protected Area network design, implementation and monitoring; management decisions and actions relating to stressors that may impact kelp; and, decisions on the amount, location and techniques of harvests part of the Marine Plan Partnerships A three-day workshop is required with Guardians and Stewardship Staff from Partner First Nations to support enhanced stewardship and decision-making in First Nations traditional territories, including resource management, science, training provision, community outreach and education regarding cultural and natural resources. Specifically, the workshop will use standardized kelp monitoring methods via training programs, development of a training app and a training manual specifically designed for sub-regional trainers and developed during the train-the-trainer workshop (to build internal capacity), as well as to inform other kelp monitoring programs across Canada. This workshop is a next step to developing long-term capacity in North Pacific Coastal First Nations for ecosystem mapping, data analysis and assessment of ecosystem health.