Kelp Mappers Meeting 2022

This meeting was the 4th annual convening of the Kelp Mapper's Meeting, which has been co-hosted by Nature Conservancy California (TNC) and Hakai since 2019. 

Hakai location: Hybrid - 1010 Langley St, Third Floor, Victoria, BC  

The overall goals of this meeting was threefold - (1) updates by members of this community of practice on the state-of-the-art in kelp mapping by geography. (2) Establish the technical framework of an infographic that summarizes the best practices and applications of kelp remote sensing for decision-makers. (3) Discuss the next steps, goals, and objectives for this community of practice in the coming year and how to engage with the UNDOS.

Workshop notes can be found here. These notes include:

  • Workshop Objectives
  • Summary of Day 1 and Day 2
  • Agenda from Day 1 and Day 2
  • List of attendees
  • Meeting notes from 2019, 2020 and 2021 Kelp Mapper's meetings
  • Meeting recordings from 2022 meeting

Recordings from the 2022 meeting can be found here: