C-BIOME: Conservation of Biodiversity in Future Marine Environments

Jun 3 - Jun 7, 2024, McGill University and Hakai Institute

This meeting will be the fourth in a series of workshops to investigate changes in global marine biodiversity due to climate change and how this will affect biodiversity protection in the future. 

It represents a collaborative group of international experts and actors in conservation (Conservation International, Blue Nature Alliance), marine biodiversity (Nord University, University of Miami) and climate change responses (McGill/UBC/Hakai Affiliate Jennifer Sunday). 

Our first meeting was held at the Quadra Collaborative Centre where we kicked off several projects; our second and third meetings were at NCEAS and University of Boston, respectively; in our fourth meeting we will complete several projects, including projections of how every existing marine protected area will lose and gain fish species, the projected timing of change/loss/gain of key habitat types, prioritization of new areas of marine projection to optimize protection in future climates. 

We anticipate 3 – 4 manuscripts to come out of our work, as well as a user-friendly interactive planning tool geared for Marine Protected Area planners. 

This is an Ocean Decade Endorsed Activity