6th Annual Kelp Mappers Meeting

May 2 - May 3, 2024, UVic Spectral Lab and Hakai Institute

The International Kelp Mappers is a Community of Practice which meets annually to discuss advances in the state- of-the-art of remote sensing platforms (e.g., drones, occupied aircraft, and satellites), identify opportunities to collaborate, and set science-based objectives for kelp mapping for the coming year. This year's hybrid meeting was co-lead by Hakai Institute and the UVic Spectral Lab and took place over two half days on May 2nd and 3rd, 2024. The meeting’s focus was to share updates and research provided by community members in addition to fostering a sense of community and dialogue related to mapping canopy-forming kelps - giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) and bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana).  


  1. May 2nd Video Recording

  2. May 3rd Video Recording

  3. 2024 Agenda (see below)