MarineGEO's Implementation of Seagrass Essential Ocean Variables

Graphic recording of session by Savanna Young.

Thank you for attending our session! If you didn't get the chance to do so, the summary is below and the recording of that session is HERE.

Standardized methods are key to successful collaboration and data sharing among the global research and monitoring community, dovetailing with recent efforts by the Global Ocean Observing System to establish Essential Ocean Variables that feed directly into decision making. MarineGEO is leading the development of EOVs for seagrass ecosystems, and in conjunction with our global colleagues, have developed standard methods and an open-source management portal to aid in the centralized processing of data. These materials are freely available here:, and have been deployed globally in 2019-2020 through a worldwide coordinated survey. We will review the development of these protocols and data workflow, and share our vision for the future of best practices for seagrass surveys.  

Workshops are scheduled for 1:30-3:00 PM PST.