BC Habitat Monitoring 01/14 - CANCELLED

We hope that everyone had a wonderful winter break. For all of you that didn’t sleep last night because of howling winds of another ferocious Pacific storm - stay safe and warm! 

In an effort for everyone to catch up after the holidays, we are postponing our planned webinar next week (Jan. 14). Instead, we’ll pass along a group synthesis activity so that everyone can use the time to participate and contribute remotely to the web series. 

The web series will resume as scheduled on Jan. 28th. A presentation by the Hakai Institute and MaPP will focus on tools for habitat monitoring from the skies and outer space. They will discuss a variety of remote sensing tools that are currently being applied to kelp forests as well as other habitats. 

We’ve also scheduled the next 3 seminars after that: 

Feb. 11 - Seagrass monitoring by MarineGEO 

Feb. 25 - Marsh monitoring for estuary resilience by Nature Trust 

Mar. 11 - Cumulative effects monitoring by the North Coast Nations/MaPP

See you online in 3 weeks time!