Calvert Island

Calvert Island is a remote location in the heart of the Great Bear RainForest - halfway between Vancouver and Alaska. The Quadra Centre meetings take place at the Hakai Institute Ecological Observatory facilities on 200 acres in the middle of 14000 years of human occupied territory of the Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv Nations, and the Hakai Luxbalis Conservancy Area.

Meetings take place alongside some of the most beautiful beaches, forests and rocky terrain on the Pacific coast of North America.


Because of its remote location, the Calvert Island Campus has been designed to be fully serviced and self-sufficient.

The site consists of six laboratories including a wet lab on the dock, three teaching/seminar areas and will accommodate up to 100 guests.

Our site and surrounding conservancy have provided ideal locations for hi-tech systems to monitor watersheds, oceans and weather. These systems also provide first-class communications for our site and for our boats when they are away from base.

Our solar energy system has reduced our fuel use dramatically over our ten years of occupation. We minimize our footprint and reuse, recycle, and compost everything possible.

We have state of the art water and sewage systems.

Please respect our need to conserve.

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All travel to Calvert Island will be organized through our staff. There are options for travelling to Calvert depending on the number of people.

Group Flights

Flights, through Pacific Coastal Airline, leave from Vancouver or Campbell River, BC. to Bella Bella, BC. Groups then travel by water taxi to Calvert Island. The boat trip is 1.5 hours to our dock.

Individual or Small Groups

Flights leave from Vancouver or Campbell River on charter seaplanes with Hakai staff. They fly directly to Hakai Institute’s dock on Calvert Island.

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Safety is the priority in all that we do at this facility. You will have a detailed safety orientation before you begin any work or meetings. This may include boat use where appropriate.

We expect all to observe our safety policies and we reserve the right to remove anyone who disregards these.

We have a Level 3 First Aid room and Level 3 certified staff on site at all times. The closest hospital is in Bella Bella. Evacuation by boat is at minimum a 1.5-hour journey.

Most injuries and accidents happen during recreation activities, so safety policies still apply.

Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

We are a dry facility. We do not supply alcohol and do not encourage any to be brought on site. Alcohol is not allowed in any locations except your room or the beach.

Anyone who is incapacitated by drugs or alcohol may be prevented from taking part in research or meetings and may be removed from the facility. This is a safety issue.


Accommodation for up to 100 people is divided between six buildings and varies from shared 2-5 bed units as well as some single accommodation units. Allocation depends on availability and the size of the group. All rooms are fully equipped, and bathrooms include shampoos, soap and body lotion. All buildings have laundry facilities.


Meals are communal buffet style in the dining room at set times. We supply packed meals and early breakfasts on request for anyone dependent on tide cycles or distance sampling.

Our chef and kitchen staff feed us very well with great vegetarian/vegan options. Our vegetable garden and greenhouse provide much of our fresh produce. Our kitchen can accommodate special needs diets if notified in advance.


Internet access is limited so please download what you need before coming to the Calvert Campus. There is no streaming, Facetime etc. We have phones in each building for outgoing calls, and phones for emergency incoming calls at the front desk or HQ.


We have kilometers of trails to the 7 beaches south of West Beach and to the Lookout, as well as a trail to North Beach. West Beach is very safe for swimming, boogie boards etc.


We do not have bears or cougars on the Island.We have a wolf pack that may be seen anywhere on the island including the beach, trails and around the facility. They have never shown any aggression to staff or visitors. We respect them as an important part of the island community. We also share our island with deer, mink, river otters and other small mammals.

Our ravens do need to be heeded as they have learned to open all manner of containers to check out the contents - offering a quick way to lose your lunch and many other items of raven interest.